In 1962, David Weikart, through his Perry Preschool Project, discovered that in order to increase a child's future success and contribution toward family and society, a high quality preschool program needed to be put into motion. He then went on to become the founder of HighScope.

This program has become increasingly relevant, especially considering the globalization era and rapid development in all sectors. It prepares children by implementing active learning and progressive constructivism.

Commencing in the US, HighScope has since gone global and spread its values and curriculum to other countries:

Indonesia – Ireland – Mexico – The Netherlands – The United Kingdom – Portugal – Canada - China – Chile – Peru – South Africa – Korea



The Indonesian chapter of HighScope started out in 1996 with 8 students in Pondok Indah. Fast forward 17 years and HighScope Indonesia has developed into 11 campuses with over 3000 students in total.



HighScope Indonesia Institute seeks to promote the use of HighScope throughout the country. Several ways we are realizing this are through:

  • Teacher development programs

  • Ensuring quality in training and practice

  • Providing relevant services to individual sites

  • Developing training course materials

  • Developing elementary, middle school and high school curriculum using the HighScope approach

The purpose of HighScope Indonesia's establishment back in 2000 was to facilitate HighScope's highly effective approach nationwide. Its existence also responds to the growth of society's awareness and need for an educational system that puts equal importance on both academics and character. This took place after the success of the first-established preschool program, that at the time exhibited a proven track record to parents that entrusted their children to the program.