HighScope Indonesia focuses on learning and building positive character from an early age. We facilitate learning by creating a supportive environment that builds sincere relationships, and helps young children learn about the world and how to relate to others. HighScope develops children’s social and emotional skills through opportunities to fluently express feelings and sharpen both their imagination and creativity. Under professional guidance, early age children familiarize themselves with interaction, problem-solving, manipulation of objects, and involvement in events.



We believe that each child is special & unique and we support them in learning at their own pace and with their own style.


We collaborate with families in order to provide a positive environment where children thrive.



Teachers interact and communicate genuinely with students as their partners in play in order to better understand what's best for their individual needs.


58 Key Developmental Experiences in HighScope Indonesia's Early Childhood Educational Program guide adults in facilitating children's learning and supporting development in the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive areas.