Core Values

What characterizes the total child? In our professional view, the total child is not only characterized by complex thinking ability, but also the ability to demonstrate a positive attitude. Our core values of Respect, Responsibility, Excellence, and Integrity, embedded in our school culture, will accompany your child every step of the way towards developing an ethical character. This is our holistic approach for a wholesome child.

  Habits of Empowerment

How exactly are these core values implemented in day-to-day activities? Our 8 Habits of Empowerment are the answer. Respect myself, everyone and everything; Listen with my heart and mind; Optimize my potential and do my best; Take charge and be accountable; Be truthful; Be curious and find solutions; Think, act, and reflect; Team up for better results. 8 simple, progressive mannerisms is all it takes!

  Learner Outcomes

We understand the concerns regarding challenges that await children in the future. HighScope Indonesia's Learner Outcomes prepare and guide students with the necessary 21st-century skills, namely Social Problem solving, Adaptability and Agility, Meta-level reflection, Ethical leadership, Expert thinking, Communication, Creativity and innovation, and Collaboration


Zyrellgio Rakessha Wantara

HighScope High School

Joined HighScope Since K-1

"A wonderful experience at HighScope Middle School is when I  carried out community work. I felt like a teacher and got to make more friends from the orphanage."

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Kiara Laraissa

Business Administration at UC Berkeley

HighScope High School Class of 2018

"One of the benefits of  studying at HighScope is that I learned to optimize my leadership skills, because in HighScope there are a lot of programs that emphasize leadership."

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Hilmi Panigoro

Parent Of Hanifa Panigoro

"The best school criteria for me are these things: the substance of a good academic program, good educational components and good religious education. I see HighScope has all these elements."

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